Activist Toolkit

A crash course in effective citizenship.
Last updated: 2/18/2013

Today’s college students are going to face big problems when they graduate—from global warming to endangered species, from the escalating cost and declining quality of health care to the plight of the hungry and homeless.

Since 1971, PIRGs on college campuses around the country have given students a vehicle to work on these issues and fight for the public interest by campaigning to protect the environment, performing community service for the campus and the community, uncovering consumer rip-offs, and promoting good government.

In the past 30 years, the PIRGs have registered hundreds of thousands of students to vote, raised more than $1 million to help the hungry and homeless, and played a key role in mobilizing support for reforms to clean our air and water and protect our environment.

In addition, the PIRGs have provided students with an educational experience in democratic citizenship. By bringing important issues to the campus debate, giving students the opportunity to voice their opinions on those issues, and giving students the skills to make sure their opinions and those of their fellow classmates are heard, the PIRGs encourage life-long civic engagement. 

Along with the idealism, energy and creativity of the students and staff who make up the PIRGs, much of the PIRGs’ success can be attributed to the systematic approach to organizing detailed in this Activist Toolkit.

This Activist Toolkit provides any intern or volunteer with the basic tools necessary to run strong campaigns and service projects and win reforms both on and off campus for students and the public interest.

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