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The way we live our lives is putting our environment and public health at risk.  Global warming, caused largely by our reliance on fossil fuels, threatens to wreak havoc on our climate and way of life.  Air pollution causes asthma and respiratory diseases.  Mining and drilling continually threaten our oceans, waterways and landscapes.  Trash pollutes our water and uses valuable land.  

Fortunately, we both have solutions to these problems and have a long track record of being able to solve other environmental problems.  While we don't have every solution we'll ever need to stop global warming, stop trashing our communities and stop destroying our forests, we have a lot of them right now.  We can make plug-in hybrids that get more than 100 miles to the gallon and electric cars that use no gas.  We can harness the power of the sun and wind across the country to get our power without the dangers of oil and gas drilling or the destruction of coal mining.  And, we can make homes that are so efficient in how they use energy that they can produce everything they need on site.  We can also re-use, re-cycle, compost or simply avoid using most of the trash that's being thrown in landfills, incinerated or floating away into the trash island by simply changing the way we create products and handle them after their first use. 

Simply put, we have the resources and technology to solve nearly all of these problems and the ingenuity to figure out the solutions to the rest.  We simply need to build the political will to put these solutions into action across the country.  The polluting industries that cause these problems both have a ton of influence in Washington and in the states and have been doing everything they can to convince the country that a sustainable future isn't in the cards.  That leaves us in a situation where our neighbors think solving environmental problems can only happen at the expense of economic progress and our political leaders are unwilling to act.  

Issue updates

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Highlights from Fall Semester


Thanks for being part of INPIRG and helping make 2011 such a success.

Check out some of our highlights from the year:

• Collecting 250 pounds of food and 300 articles of clothing to fight poverty in Bloomington.

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Protect Clean Air | INPIRG Students

Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: carbon pollution spewing from power plants fuels global warming, which threatens our health through dirtier air.Left unchecked, the deterioration of air quality triggers asthma attacks, heart attacks and other fatal diseases.

Click here to support limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

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Recycling in the Villas


I hope you all had a great week! Here's what INPIRG was up to this weekend:

Sustainable U Recycling Program:

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Welcome Back to INPIRG


I would like to formally welcome you to INPIRG. We had a great call-out meeting, over 100 people came! (That's the 3rd largest PIRG call-out meeting in the nation!!)

We have a great semester ahead of us with four awesome campaigns - Sustainable U, Agricultural Subsidies, Student Consumer Action Network (SCAN), and Hunger and Homelessness. Here's what our campaigns are working on now:

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