For too long special interested have wielded too much power in our democracy. Business entities have used their money and connections to leverage influence in Washington and in our state capitals, which they use to avoid adopting even basic public interest protections that might affect their profit margins.

The 2010 Citizens United vs. the FEC Supreme Court ruling opened the floodgates of corporate money into politics, drowning out the voice of everyday Americans in the political process. With this flood of special interest money into the political arena, elected officials will be influenced to backtracks on the progress this country has made on issues such as protecting public health, addressing economic inequality, the rising costs of healthcare, global warming, safe work-place regulations, and the national debt.

We believe the results of political elections should reflect the voice of the American people, and not those of a few wealthy special interests. It is our goal to educate the public about this issue and to create a climate in which such massive spending in politics by wealthy corporations is unacceptable and harmful to their bottom lines.

INPIRG is working to raise awareness about the faults of the current campaign finance system and bring the truth to the public. By engaging with and educating people through tabling events, petitioning corporations like Bank of America, and holding public forums, we will restore America to a place where everyone has a voice in our democracy.

Issue Updates

Media Hit | Democracy

INPIRG mock wedding protests Citizens United

After months of planning and preparation for the big day, McDonald’s and Monsanto were married yesterday during a small ceremony in the Indiana Memorial Union. 

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News Release | Democracy

New Report Details Latest Numbers on Outside Spending, Secret Money and Super PAC Fundraising for 2012 Elections

WASHINGTON – The Top 5 “dark money” spenders on presidential election ads have reported less than 1% of their spending to the FEC, which is all that is required by the agency’s insufficient standards, according to a new report analyzing the latest campaign filings.

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Report | Democracy

Million-Dollar Megaphones

Latest Numbers on Outside Spending, Secret Money and Super PAC Fundraising for 2012 

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Blog Post | Democracy

Volunteer: Register Voters at Concerts this Summer | INPIRG Students

This summer we're running voter registration drives at concerts and music festivals across Indiana, and we'd love your help.

Let us know if you want to volunteer: sign up here.

We've teamed up with some great artists like My Morning Jacket, Phish, Wilco, Dave Mathews Band, Neko Case, The Roots, and more. It should be a ton of fun.

INPIRGs' New Voters Project is a non-partisan campaign to mobilize young voters and turn them out to the polls.

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Blog Post | Democracy

Disclosing the DISCLOSE Act | Rachel Bond

There’s a new act going through committee in Congress: H.R. 4010, the DISCLOSE Act.

As you may get from the name, it is in fact about disclosure. Disclosure of what, you may ask? Secret money. The act would require disclosure of the corporate and special interest money in politics.

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